Protective Services Center

The Protective Services programs prepare individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills required to perform entry-level duties in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services, and other public safety services. This program stresses the techniques, methods, and
procedures specific to the areas of criminal justice, fire protection, and emergency medical services especially in emergency and disaster situations. Physical development and self-confidence skills are emphasized due to the nature of the specific occupation(s). In addition to the application of mathematics, communication, science, and physics students receive training in social and psychological skills, map reading, vehicle and equipment operations, the judicial system, firefighting, pre-hospital emergency medical care and appropriate emergency assessment, treatment and communication.

Protective Services Academy

Prepare for a professional public safety career, immediate employment, or further education. Experience the thrill and pride of saving lives and protecting the community. Use the latest technology and equipment available by operating fire engines, ambulances, computer crime scene mapping system, Segways, and more! Engage in lifesaving emergency medical treatment, firefighting/rescue techniques, and law enforcement operations.

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