Willow Street Faculty & Staff

Campus Phone Number: (717) 464-7050
Staff Name Position Phone E-mail Address
Jeremy King Principal/Director 7051 jking@lancasterctc.edu
Mark McCracken Assistant Principal/Supervisor of Vocational Education 7136 mmccracken@lancasterctc.edu
Alan Wakefield Automotive Technology Instructor 7103/7134 awakefield@lancasterctc.edu
Richard White Collision Repair Instructor 7109 rwhite@lancasterctc.edu
Dr. Ben Stiles School Counselor/Recruiter 7080 bstiles@lancasterctc.edu
Brett Reider Automotive Mechanics Instructor 7106 breider@lancasterctc.edu
Brian Singer Adult Automotive Technology Instructor 7166 bsinger@lancasterctc.edu
Carol Dunfee School Nurse 7056 cdunfee@lancasterctc.edu
Carolyn Daneker School Counselor 5110 cdaneker@lancasterctc.edu
David Brooks Introduction to Culinary Careers Instructor 7085/7124 dbrooks@lancasterctc.edu
Devon Lefever In-School Youth Coordinator 7075 dlefever@lancasterctc.edu
Diana Smith Advanced Health Careers/Health Care Cluster Instructor 7078 dsmith@lancasterctc.edu
Donald Lingle Introduction to Transportation Careers Instructor 7107 dlingle@lancasterctc.edu
Holly Maisano Medical Administrative Assistant Instructor 7087 hmaisano@lancasterctc.edu
Ian Weber Manufacturing Cluster Instructor 7100 iweber@lancasterctc.edu
Jami Collier ESL Instructor 5165 jcollier@lancasterctc.edu
Jamie Armer Receptionist/Front Desk jarmer@lancasterctc.edu
Jessica Drager Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Instructor 7125/7116 jdrager@lancasterctc.edu
Jessie Masquelier Vet Tech Instructor 7162 jmasquelier@lancasterctc.edu
Todd Staub Introduction to Construction Careers Instructor 3016 tstaub@lancasterctc.edu
Jim Smith Automotive Mechanics Instructor 7119/7106 jsmith@lancasterctc.edu
Josh Lingle RV/OPE Instructor 7133 jlingle@lancasterctc.edu
Jenn Robinson Principal’s Secretary 7082 jrobinson@lancasterctc.edu
Rachel Sprecher Dental Assistant Instructor 7091 rsprecher@lancasterctc.edu
Laura Laukhuff Veterinary Assistant Instructor 7113 llaukhuff@lancasterctc.edu
Linda McLain Attendance/Guidance Secretary 7150 lmclain@lancasterctc.edu
Lindsay Feerrar Veterinary Assistant Instructor 7113 lfeerrar@lancasterctc.edu
Lori Hess Animal Production Science & Technology Instructor 7067 lhess@lancasterctc.edu
Lynette Thomas School Counselor 7081 lthomas@lancasterctc.edu
Kyle Pope Diesel Equipment Technology Instructor 7104 kpope@lancasterctc.edu
Mark Maisano Visual Communications Cluster 7088 mmaisano@lancasterctc.edu
Melody Miller Medical Assistant Instructor 7094 memiller@lancasterctc.edu
Patrick Bagley Building Aide 7079 pbagley@lancasterctc.edu
Ray McDonald Computer Technician rmcdonald@lancasterctc.edu
Sue Spayd ESL Instructor 3055 sspayd@lancasterctc.edu
Tammy Kramer Vet Tech Program Manager 7161 tkramer@lancasterctc.edu
Terri Rhoads Instructional Coach 7093 trhoads@lancasterctc.edu
Dr. Thomas Wilson Veterinarian/Vet Tech Instructor twilson@lancasterctc.edu
Tim Pope Maintenance Supervisor 7118 ppope@lancasterctc.edu