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Why choose LCCTC over a traditional high school?

88% 88%
CTE Students

More than 88 percent of CTE students are planning to continue on to postsecondary education.

Source: ACTE

6 in 10 6 in 10

6 in 10 students are planning to pursue a career related to the CTE area they are exploring in high school.

Source: ACTE

1/3 1/3
CTE Students

Almost 1/3 of CTE students have the opportunity to earn college credit and/or an industry certification through CTE.

Source: ACTE

Did you know?

“In 2018, Harvard University predicts that the majority of all jobs will be middle-skilled, requiring technical skills and training at the credential or associate degree level.” Watch the video to learn more about gaining a competitive edge in today’s economy.

What you think you know is wrong



It will be difficult to find a job without going to a 4-year college after graduation.

Half of all science, math, technology, and engineering (STEM) jobs search for employees with less than a bachelor’s degree.[1]

Students who attend technical school are not as smart as traditional high school students.

Students with career and technical training are more likely to report developing problem-solving, communication, time-management, and critical-thinking skills during their high school education than traditional students.[1]

You need to attend college to make a livable wage.

27% of workers who hold less than an associate’s degree, including licenses and certificates, out earn the average bachelor’s degree recipient.[1]

No graduates of vocational high schools go on to college.

91% of high school graduates who earn 2-3 career and technical education credits enroll in college.[1]

frequently asked questions

What Year Can I Attend the CTC?

Although we offer a limited number of half-day programs for junior students, the majority of our programs are for high school seniors.

Can I stay involved/connected to my sending school if I attend CTC?

Yes! Students can stay as actively involved in school district activities as they like. Many of our students maintain membership on school sports teams, arts activities, and keep in touch with teachers and friends at their sending school.

Is a CTC educational experience really that beneficial?

Yes, yes, yes!
• Students can earn between 3 and 13 college credits during their senior year.
• Students have the opportunity to participate in a clinical rotation/internship and some even get paid (co-op).
• Students earn a diploma from their sending school AND a certificate of completion from the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center.
• Students can gain certain State and National certifications in their areas of expertise.

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