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Help Us Celebrate 50 Years of Impact in Lancaster!

The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center has done three things in Lancaster County in the last 50 years.  That doesn’t sound like much but we’ve done those three things tens of thousands of times for every student that has passed through our doors.

The Lancaster County CTC seeks to instill success, prosperity, and growth for our students and community. We teach our students the skills to be successful in their given fields.  We develop instructional programs for professions with proven world-wide demand. We nurture the love of learning and develop higher education pathways for our students that lead a more robust community.

The Lancaster County CTC is a factory. We take the raw material of young people and adults and produce highly-trained, highly-skilled, in-demand American Workers.  AND we have done that for 50 YEARS!  We are proud of you all!

To all past LCCTC faculty and former adult and high school students – we want to hear from you!

We are collecting contact and other related information about our alumni to improve communication with those who have attended our programs and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LCCTC.

Tell us how the LCCTC impacted your life and career!
What were some of your favorite memories while attending the LCCTC?

Connect with the Lancaster County Career & Technology Foundation as we call on our alumni to reinvest in the future growth of our workforce and our mission to prepare people for skilled, innovative and productive careers.

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