Adult Education Academic Coaching Workshops

Academic Success Workshops

Success Workshops exist so that students get an overview on topics such as study skills, reading comprehension, time management skills among other topics. Workshops are offered during the spring and fall terms.

If you need a more in depth understanding about what is shared during the workshops click the links below. 

Speed Reader

Become an active reader that understands what is being expressed through text.


Become a master note-taker through the implementation of the procedures mentioned in the link above.

Stress and Decompression

In the mist of the hustle and bustle stress management is key implement some of the ideas listed in the link.

APA Format

The ins and outs of how to complete a bibliography/reference list can be found here just select the link above.

Strategies for Managing Success

A successful student manages success.

Study & Test Taking Skills

You’ll pass that test if you follow the information through the link above.

Interview Readiness

Walk into that interview with confidence using these steps.