Business & Finance

Budget & Audit Documents

2020-2021 General Fund Budget

2019-2020 General Fund Budget

2018-2019 Audited Financials

CARES Act Emergency Relief Fund Grants to Students Program

Current Open Bids and RFPs

Business Office Staff

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Dr. Michael DelPriore Business Manager 717-464-7060
Amanda Allison Assistant Business Manager 717-464-7055
Timothy Klein Facilities Director 717-653-3011
Alexis Hohl Food Service Director 717-464-7050 x7084
Lori Boger Administrative Assistant:  Payroll 717-464-7050 x7071
Jennifer Bowers Administrative Assistant: Accounts Payable 717-464-7050 x7072
Lori Lauver Administrative Assistant:    Adult Student Accounts 717-464-7050 x7068
Jill Foster Administrative Assistant: HR/Business Office Administrative Assistant 717-464-7050

Financial Aid Office Staff

Staff Member Position Phone Number
Debra Woodcock Financial Aid Director 717-464-7050 x 7054
Matthew Brown Financial Aid Coordinator 717-464-7050 x 7115
Jessica Klufkee Financial Aid Advisor 717-464-7050 x 7101