Transfer & Partnership Agreements

Credit Articulation is one of several ways that higher education credits earned at one institution, like the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center, can follow a student into another institution.

High school students in some LCCTC programs can potentially save money on higher education tuition costs and time spent on classes through credit articulation.

Similarly, LCCTC students who earn a specialized associate degree and who meet qualifying criteria can have their associate degree credits transferred to four-year Bachelors degree programs with Eastern Mennonite University, Penn College of Technology, and others in a variety of majors. The number of transferrable credits can vary depending on the institution and major. This offers a valuable benefit to LCCTC students who wish to continue their studies through the Bachelors degree level.

A list of partnering institutions can be found below. (Click the tables to enlarge.)  Additional higher education institutions are being added all the time!

Secondary Programs to Post-Secondary Programs (High School to Associate/Bachelors Degree)
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Post-Secondary Programs to Post-Secondary Programs (Associate Degree to Bachelors Degree)
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