“The plumbing program at the LCCTC prepared me for work in the real-world. It gave me an advantage over others in the workplace and set up me up for early co-op in March of my senior year.” – Anthony, Plumbing
“I wanted to change to a career where I would be helping people. I looked at the medical assistant program a different schools and LCCTC was my choice because it was easy to apply, very affordable and helpful with financial aid. The teachers prepare you for real life. When I graduated, I felt so confident. I see medical assistant as a great starting point for a career in nursing. I would tell others considering LCCTC that if you work hard, you will be rewarded.” – Allison, Medical Assistant program
“Before I started at LCCTC, I was working 70 hours a week at two jobs. I was ready for a career change. I am so glad I made the choice to go back to school. Best decision of my life! I love my career as a dental assistant! I couldn't have asked for a better program than what LCCTC had to offer.” – Hannah, Dental Assistant program
“LCCTC was a "win-win" for my family. (Husband) Mats attended first and was so pleased with the instruction that he encouraged our son, Anton, to enroll. Mats' experience inspired Anton to sign up and go for it!” – Penny, Wife and mother of two graduates of the Heavy Equipment Operator/CDL program
“I liked learning heavy equipment and truck driving together, with a lot of hands-on experience. And I got my job offer right after I graduated! It's a great job.” – Anton, Heavy Equipment Operator/CDL Class A
“As a farmer-rancher, I had some experience around machinery. But I wanted to learn heavy equipment and get a CDL. The practical experience and driving on the road was the best. LCCTC is a good school with high-quality teachers. This field offers a variety of things to do. My job is never boring.” – Mats, Heavy Equipment Operator/CDL Class A
“I got into automotive technology because of my grandpa, who is a head mechanic and got me into dirt bikes. I've been messing around with dirt bikes since I was little and I discovered fixing stuff is something I am good at. LCCTC was real close to home. The teachers I've had are the best. I'm working now at a GM dealership. It's a field that is always going to be there. I think this is a career I will definitely continue in and hope to move into management down the road.” – Cody, Automotive Technology
“After working in masonry for 12 years, I wanted something different, a new trade. LCCTC had the welding program I was looking for. I love my job. I am fitting and welding, making actual product. The work is both physically and mentally challenging. I tell anyone thinking about this kind of work that you really have to want to do it. You can't just 'show up.' I plan to get more education and learn about the business aspect of fabrication, and start my own company. I am in this field for the long haul.” – Bill, Welding Technology program
“At my sending school, I was a straight A student. I attended CTC in the half-day Culinary Arts cluster program during my junior year and knew I wanted to do something challenging in my senior year, so I enrolled in the Baking and Pastry Arts program at the Mount Joy campus. I never really considered a career in the culinary field. Through the CTC I found my true passion. Over the course of my senior year, I competed in a chocolate competition and won the state level Skills USA competition for Commercial Baking. In June, I went on to compete at the national level for Skills USA and placed in the top ten for Commercial Baking. I received over $10,000 in scholarships to attend The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. ” – Emily Holtz, Baking and Pastry Arts program
“Many of my friends at my sending school tried to talk me out of going to CTC in my senior year. I’m happy that I went through the Medical Assistant program though. Now, I am a Certified Medical Assistant with a full-time job at Cornerstone Family Health where I completed my externship. In the fall, I will be attending Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences for my RN and eventually plan to complete an RN to BSN program. CTC gave me a jumpstart on my career in the medical field.” – Rey Lasanta, Medical Assistant program