Technical Institute in the High School (TIHS) – Pathways

The LCCTC offers Dual Enrollment and Technical Institute in the High School (TIHS), and other credit options for high school students looking to enhance their academic profile. These opportunities can also save you money on a future associates or bachelor’s degree or simply give you a jump start on life after graduation.

Why should I participate?

  • You will have a head start with Post-Secondary credits. TIHS courses could help ease your transition from high school to Post-Secondary Institutions and Institutions of Higher Education (IHE).
  • Your TIHS credits count towards the corresponding LCCTC program, and may also apply to degree programs at other institutions.
  • You receive access to LCCTC facilities.
  • You will experience adult degree, diploma and certificate coursework that can help you plan for further education and/or career options.

What are my next steps to participate in TIHS?

  1. Print the TIHS in the High School and Dual Enrollment Application (pdf) and complete it with your high school or LCCTC counselor.
  2. Submit your application and high school transcript to your assigned LCCTC counselor.
  3. Receive an acceptance letter from LCCTC.
  4. Follow the admissions steps for the higher education institution using our online portal (Achademix).
  5. Complete entrance testing at a LCCTC campus. Specifics will be provided by your LCCTC counselor, including your enrollment form.
  6. Pay the required fees once you receive a bill from LCCTC. Deadlines for tuition are available online.

You will receive a course grade on a LCCTC transcript and your high school record.

Click here to view information on Entrance Testing

If you have additional questions, please contact your counselor.