Student Assistance (RtII & SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP)  is a multi-disciplinary team composed of school personnel (teachers, staff, administrators, nurse, counselors) and a PA Certified Addictions Counselor. This team has gone through state approved training to understand and work with students who are referred for mental health and chemical use, abuse and dependency and will play a primary role in assisting students coming to their attention through the referral process. Students can be referred by their teachers, their parents, concerned friends or they can refer themselves. To create a referral, please contact a team member at the respective CTC campus.

SAP Referral

Referrals to the Student Assistance Program can be made by faculty, parents, friends, or by students themselves. The person’s name making the referral will be kept confidential; however follow-up information may need to be made. If you feel that the student you are referring is in crisis, please contact the school nurse or one of the school counselors immediately.

Signs to watch for in your student:

  • Performance: Decrease in grades, perfectionism.
  • Attitude: Defiant, argumentative, denial, blaming, lying, cheating, extreme changes in moods.
  • Physical Symptoms: Deteriorating Appearance, glassy, bloodshot eyes, smelling of alcohol, marijuana, extreme weight loss, constant runny nose, or cough, dilated on constricted pupils.
  • Atypical Behavior: Change in friends, sudden unexplained popularity, outbursts of anger, giving away prized possessions, possessing large amounts of cash.

Half Day Student Referrals: Please refer to your home school district counseling team.

Full Day Student Referrals: Please fill out SAP team form and email or mail it to the appropriate campus school counselor. The SAP team will determine if action is warranted.

Download Referral Form »

Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII)

RtII is an early intervention system that is multi-tiered with standard-aligned strategies to early identify students who are at risk academically or behaviorally.  Students are referred to the RtII team to when they are in danger of failing or behavior patterns have changed.  Currently, the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center at each campus has its own RtII team that teachers or school staff may refer students.  That team is comprised of school counselor, administrator, learning support staff, instructional coach, and members of other school support systems.