LCCTC Reopening Information

This page compiles information regarding the reopening of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please visit this page for the latest official LCCTC information concerning reopening.  All information is subject to change.




UPDATE – August 5:

Summary of Current LCCTC Reopening Plan:

  • Based upon our county’s current “green” status, the LCCTC plans to open for in-person classes in the fall.
  • LCCTC’s reopening plan will be a living document adapting as necessary to provide a plan for reopening that utilizes updated information specific to the time period of reopening. As a Career and Technical institute with a heavy emphasis in hands on instruction, it is important to note that the work of a CTC makes it impossible to provide an environment that would totally eliminate risk for COVID-19; however, we will strive to reduce the spread. In order to be effective as a community, this commitment of safety practices will take the partnership of all stakeholders (students, staff, parents, community) to follow basic guidelines and procedures and to self-report when exposed or symptomatic. As detailed and defined as this plan is, no plan will eliminate all risk.

Questions or Comments? Please click here to fill out our Reopening Feedback Form and submit your questions and comments to the LCCTC.