Part-Time Technical Programs

Dental Laboratory Technician

Prepare for a professional career in the art and science of manufacturing corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth. Interact with dental professionals to develop the skills needed to use impressions, or molds to create crowns, bridges, dentures, and other dental appliances.  Use a variety of high-tech materials, such as ceramics, plastics and metal alloys for fixed restorations (crowns and bridges).  Learn to capture and recreate both the perfection and the imperfection of the patient’s teeth.

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Industrial Mechanical & Maintenance (Mechatronics)

Prepare for a professional mechatronics career, employment, or further education.  Program includes courses in operation, set-up, maintenance, trouble-shooting and repair of machines and systems commonly found in manufacturing. The program is geared toward incumbent workers. Assessments are available, allowing companies to develop individual training plans based on specific skill gaps.

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Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Advance your career as a dental professional while meeting the future needs of dentistry. Perform chair-side assistant duties in all phases of restorative, surgical, endodontic, prosthodonitic, and periodontal treatment as provided in general dentistry. Place, contour, and finish amalgams and composite restorations. Place and remove matrices, wedges, rubber dams and apply bases and liners.

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