Mechatronics Individual Courses

This program offers part-time, flexible hours in the afternoon and evening. Courses focus on the skills required for those interested in industrial mechanical and maintenance, and electro-mechanical trade areas.

Students earn Advanced Manufacturing/Integrated Systems Technology (AMIST) certificates based on successful completion of the course.

Individual Course List

AC/DC Electrical: 30 hours

Advanced PLC (SLC500)*: 40 hours

Advanced Pneumatics*: 15 hours

Basic Hydraulics: 20 hours

Basic Pneumatics: 20 hours

Electric Motor Control: 50 hours

Electrical Fabrication: 12 hours

Electrical Power Distribution: 25 hours

Electro-Fluid Power*: 25 hours

Electronic Sensors*: 8 hours

Environmental Applications: 20 hours

Hydraulic Troubleshooting*: 45 hours

Industrial PLC (ControlLogix 5500)*: 120 hours

Industrial PLC (SLC500)*: 120 hours

Industrial Electrical Wiring*: 15 hours

Intermediate Hydraulics*: 25 hours

Intermediate Pneumatics*: 15 hours

Mechanical Drives 1: 35 hours

Mechanical Drives 2: 35 hours

Piping: 20 hours

Pneumatic Fitting & Construction 5 hours:

Pneumatic Troubleshooting*: 35 hours

Thermal Troubleshooting: 50 hours

Because the training is self-paced, the hours of completion are averages and vary by student.

*This course requires previous experience and/or coursework.

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