Medical Assistant

Prepares for professional certification as a medical assistant, employment and further education.

  • Apply advanced diagnostic procedures to patient care, such as phlebotomy and pharmacology. Assist in minor office surgeries.
  • Participate in a 7-week medical assistant externship in a medical facility. Note: This opportunity is available for students who meet all clinical criteria.
  • Learn to deliver high-quality patient care.

DAY (9-Month Program):
Aug 28, 2017-June 4, 2018
Mon-Fri 8 AM-2:35 PM
*This class blends high school and adult learners

EVENING (12-Month Program)*:
Feb 12, 2018- Jan 24, 2019
Mon-Thu 4:30-9:30 PM

*Adult students only.

Adult students: For information regarding tuition, fees and other program related expenses, click here.