Model T


Raffle was held June 2015. Congratulations to our winner, Paul Girvan!

The Lancaster County CTC, Willow Street campus is raffling off a restored 1925 Ford Model “T”. The vehicle is actually listed as 1927 Ford Model “T” Touring Sedan. It is titled as a 1925 by the engine numbers, however the body is a 1927, which is not uncommon given the age of the vehicle. A local dealer donated the vehicle to the CTC over twenty years ago.

Students in Mr. Lingle’s Transportation Cluster program restored the Model T to its former glory over a period of several years. Initially, the vehicle started but did not run because of ignition problems, which required engine removal. Mr. Lingle’s class removed the engine and transmission two years ago and made the necessary repairs to get the vehicle running.

According to Mr. Lingle, “Today the vehicle is a working, drivable vehicle that is very mechanically sound. However, several details should be attended to make it a complete restoration, mostly lighting components.”

The Model “T” is valued at approximately $12000.00. Five-thousand (5000) raffle tickets will be sold at $5.00 a piece or five (5) tickets for $20.00. All proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets benefit the Transportation Cluster program at the Willow Street campus. Tickets are available at the Willow Street campus office or for purchase online. Call 717-464-7050 for more information.

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