Full-time Position, Available on: 2021-12-14

Under general supervision, welds steel plate of all kinds by using electric arc welding and/or squirt welding machines. Welds horizontal seams, vertical seams and overhead seams and in addition all other types of welding joints, i.e. butt joints, overlap joints, v-groove joints, double v-groove joints, fillet and beveled, etc. Has satisfactorily passed the A.S.M.E. “vertical” welding test including the stress tests, applied to the sample welds. Work under supervision of the Shop Foreman, but performs welding work independently of supervision unless a problem involves some unusual conditions. Position limited to “Compact” type of boilers, whereas employee not required to physically crawl into unit to perform welding operation. Automatic tube welder due to not being a full time job function and skill level fits in Grade 8.
Job Duties:
• Welds in flat, horizontal, vertical position.
• Fits all connections, making sure they are plumb and level and welds in place.
• Places and welds saddles or skids onto boiler shell.
• Welds seams (in all positions) on high and low pressure boilers.
• Uses oxyacetylene burning equipment to torch out openings in boiler for proper alignment and fit couplings and connections.
• Interprets welding symbols as used on blueprints.
• Uses plumb lines and leveling gauges.
• Uses steel tape or rulers to an accuracy of 1/16”.
• Removes slag from weld with slag hammer or wire brush.
• Stamps all welds with personal certification stamp.
• Performs related work as directed commensurate with this or lesser rates labor grade.
The job description written above is not all-inclusive, but is illustrative of the duties and responsibilities involving the required minimum skills and aptitude.

1st Shift position 6:00am-2:30pm Mon -Fri, must be available to work Overtime.
Union Shop- Must join into the union after 30 working days. Dues 1.45% of weekly earnings.
Code Welder A Starting @ $ 20.84 Hr.
Fitter A Starting @ $21.43 Hr.
Code Welder AA Starting @ $ 24.99 Hr.

Weld Tests for Welders and Fitters: Weld Tests for Welder AA:
2G SMAW (7018) All the tests for Welder and
2G GMAW Fitters, plus
3G SMAW Uphill, 7018 2G SMAW Open Root
All with Backing 4G SMAW
Vertical and Overhead

Company: Burnham Commercial

1237 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17603

Contact: LuAnn Snyder
(717) 390-7849