Traveling Outdoor Education Instructor

Full-time, Temporary Position, Available on: 2023-01-25

What we do
During the school week, we drive out to schools or local parks to provide single or multi-day programs for elementary and middle school students. Instructors lead groups of 12-14 students through activities ranging in topics from nature exploration to outdoor living skills to human ecological impact. Some of our favorite activities include field journaling, endangered egg babies, and shelter building! Instructors travel to different schools each day throughout New England and eastern New York. We are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience to our schools and are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated educators to join our team!

“Nature on Wheels was a super enjoyable experience for me. I loved getting to work with such a diversity of students in so many different areas throughout New England and New York. One of the best parts of the job was traveling with my awesome fellow staff members and getting to explore every town after getting off work, including trips to the beach, hiking parts of the Appalachian trail, and trying out new restaurants!” – Former Staff Member, Spring 2022

Who we are
Nature’s Classroom New England is the largest outdoor education program in the northeast. We specialize in hands-on education with an emphasis on nature, outdoor living skills, science, and social-emotional learning. We provide meaningful programming for thousands of elementary and middle school students across New England and eastern New York each year! Nature’s Classroom instructors facilitate a variety of exciting activities for students throughout the fall and spring.

Company: Nature's Classroom

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Contact: Rachel D'Angio
(603) 539-0853