Sheet Metal Mechanic

Full-time Position, Available on: 2022-03-29

Job description
Essential Job Functions

· Studies building plans and working CADD drawings to determine work required and sequence of installations.

· Inspect structure for installation of the porper hanger for installation of duct or related air handling equipment.

· Locate and mark position of duct and penetrations in walls and floors using a ruler, laser, level or plumb bob.

· Cut openings oin walls or floors to accommodate duct using hand and power tooling including core drills, wet saw, and cutting torch.

· Have a basic understanding of sheet metal theory for the fabrication and installation of rectangular and round duct.

· Familiar with assembly of multiple types of duct and duct connections including TDC, Ductmate, slip and drive, Tapins, round slip, and flange connections.

· Have knowledge to connect duct using screws, bolts, gaskets, sealers, seal tape, for air-tight connections.

· Understand duct testing requirements.

· Understand LEED requirements to keep duct sealed and dirt-free during handling and installation.

· Adjust and maintain belts, pulleys, filters, and dampers on installed equipment.

· Install dampers and fire dampers so that they operate freely and are not impeded by installation methods.

Required Skills

· Proficient in reading blue prints and comprehending CADD drawings to understand the layout of air conditioning duct and duct venting systems.

· Work within precise limits or standards of accuracy. Demonstrate sound math and measurement skills.

· Familiar with the methods to install and maintain air-moving equipment.

· Familiar with the requirements for proper installation of fire-rated wall and floor penetrations including fire dampers, access doors, and fire caulking systems.

· Able to work in confined spaces and are familiar with air testing and other requirements for working in confined spaces.

· Have the ability to work at elevated heights.

· Communicate effectively with colleagues, subcontractors, and management.

· Meet safety standards and building regulations.

· Knowledge of legal restrictions and safety rules.

· Lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds.

· Use hand and power tools as well as machines to measure, cut, and install duct and associated equipment.

Required Experience

· Reading blueprints

· Installing duct in conjunction with electricians, plumbers, fitters, and other trades.

· Inspecting sheet metal work to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local codes.

· Completion of an accredited apprenticeship program or have equivalent experience in the construction trades.

Minimum Education

High School Diploma required.


Job Type: Full-time

Company: The Farfield Company

517 Aiport Rd. Lititz, PA.

Contact: Katrina M Zimmerman
(717) 615-2558