Metal Finisher

Full-time, Part-time, Permanent, Temporary Position, Available on: 2021-11-29

Polisher Job Description:
Removes excess metal and surface defects from aluminum and stainless-steel parts, by polishing, buffing and deburring using revolving abrasive belts.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Polishes and buffs metal parts to remove defects, to shape or contour parts and to achieve a close tolerance level and highly polished surface finish, according to specifications.
• Reads and interprets Operation Sheets and other related technical specifications.
• Selects abrasive belt according to required process, type of finish specified, product being polished, or amount of metal to be removed, using knowledge of polishing operations and abrasive. Attaches belt to drive mechanism.
• Observe machine operations to detect any problems; make necessary adjustments to correct problems.
• Examines first part processed for acceptability of finish, before proceeding with production.
• Debur edges, corners and other required surfaces of metal parts, using a compressed air driven dynafile, to smooth rough or sharp edges and remove metal burrs according to specifications.
• Visually examine parts processed to ensure conformance with specifications.
• Performs minor maintenance on machinery and tooling and keeps work area neat, clean and orderly.
• Organizes parts to be processed and those already done at the start and end of each work day.
• Follow all company rules and policies.
• Follow all safety rules and quality standards.
• Work with team members to maximize productivity and efficiency.
• Communicate with coworkers and management effectively.
• Clean and maintain work area.
• Other duties as assigned.
• Lift up to 15 lbs.

Company: All Quality Aluminum Foundry

2485 Old Philadelphia Pike
Smoketown, PA 17576

Contact: Freddy Galante
(717) 299-5651