Machine Operator

Full-time, Permanent Position, Available on: 07/25/2017

Job Summary: Responsible for measuring, threading adjusting flange fit, and facing the flange on a piece of pipe. Work also includes operation of the machine and a crane to move pipe in and out of machine.

Essential Functions:
*Measures pipe to fabricate pipe proper length
*Places pipe in machine, center the pipe and tighten for work. After the pipe is in place, the operator will machine a taper into the pipe, and then machine the threads into the pipe. During this process, the machine operator is responsible for verifying measurements, and thread depth using a micrometer.
*After the threads are cut the operator tests the flange to make sure it screws onto the pipe properly, adjustments are made to the threads if an issue occurs.
*Applies glue on pipe and flange and use the machine to tighten the flange onto the pipe.
*Runs the cutting tool across the surface of the face of the flange to flush fit the flange onto the pipe.
*Perform other duties as assigned.

Scope Data/Working Conditions/Physical Demands:
*Since this is a heavy industrial environment there will be exposure to Fabrication Shop operations. The employee will be exposed from time to time to the following working conditions: Extreme Heat and Cold, Noise, Vibration, Oils, and Atmospheric Conditions such as Dust, Fumes.
*The employee will be required to perform the following actions (from time to time): Standing, Walking, Balancing, Stooping, Kneeling, Reaching, Talking, Seeing, Hearing, Driving and Sitting.
• When in the Shop Production Area the employee will be required to wear PPE including (steel toed shoes if conducting any work related activity), safety glasses and hearing protection where required.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities and Traits:
*Good with math, able to read a tape measure and micrometer.
*Ability to understand machinery processes
*High School Diploma desired
*Consistent attendance, ability to get to work on time, every day
*Team player, willingness to work when needed, help out and volunteer for extras
*Positive, enthusiastic and helpful

Company: US Pipe Fabrication

596 W Trout Run Rd, Ephrata, PA 17522

Contact: Danielle Buonincontri
(407) 581-1809