Machine Operator

Full-time Position, Available on: 2022-01-31


Our Machine Operators ensure the machineries run appropriately and focus on product safety and quality while creating delicious, convenient and value oriented Asian-inspired meal solutions for our consumers. They are the vital part of our manufacturing process.

Operate machineries following standard operation procedures, including start-up and shut-down of machineries, completing routine inspections of machineries, completing various reports, reporting deficiencies and abnormal conditions to supervisor, and other tasks and duties as assigned.

Follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP’s) – maintain sanitary conditions of the production area, close all doors; use the designated utensils to transfer or to store any raw materials; maintain work area clean and free of any debris or the over flow products, including, but not limited to, sweeping surfaces and floors; accumulate the over flow products into the designated containers; dispose the defects to the designated containers; among others
Be a champion of Safety – ensure the safety rules in effect are strictly followed at all times; make sure that the working conditions are safe for the types of work that is conducted, report any unsafe conditions to a supervisor and make sure that appropriate corrective actions have been taken.

Starting Wage: $19/Hour
Shifts: 1st (5AM-3:30PM) 2nd (3:30PM-2:30AM)

Company: Nissin Foods

2901 Hempland Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Contact: Azsanea Holland
(717) 509-6239