LPN Supervisor- Part Time, Flex

Part-time Position, Available on: 10/10/2017

This position is responsible for the care of Mountain View residents through direct and indirect activities of daily living. Also, responsible to provide training, oversight and supervision to the Resident Assistants and Med Techs in Mountain View.

* Will perform daily rounds on Mountain View units to ensure that policies are being followed and residents are being cared for properly.
* Assist with resident admissions, transfers, discharges and deaths.
* Ensure residents are receiving medication as prescribed by physician.
* Ensure accurate documentation of all medical records and reporting forms.
* Ensure staff is compliant with documentation requirements including but not limited to MAR’s, ADL flow sheets and clinical record documentation-receives and processes physician orders including faxed and written orders.
* Ensure facility operates in compliance with Department of Health Services (DPW) Regulations.
* Oversee all medication changes and medication passes to ensure staff compliance in addition to compliance with State Regulation.
* Perform medication passes on the occasion or as needed and covers shifts when needed.
* Assist residents in the transition from Personal Care to Skilled Care.
* Able to perform Med Tech, Resident Assistant functions as needed.
* Inform Director of Personal Care of residents changing conditions as well as other pertinent happenings on the unit.
* Responsible to assess supply and equipment needs for the department and oversees that units are adequately stocked and maintained- ensures that staff is properly charging residents for supplies used and additional services provided.

Company: Garden Spot Communities

433 S Kinzer Ave New Holland PA 17557

Contact: Kristy Newborg
(717) 355-6055