Full-time, Permanent Position, Available on: 2023-04-21


The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) completes client admissions and screenings, administers and stocks medication, develops treatment plans and provides nursing care. This position also manages medical record documentation and supervises subordinate staff.


Completes client admission process including assessment of client’s physical and psychological status during intoxication, withdrawal and stabilization.
Monitors and documents client progress and makes required referrals to physician or emergency services including crisis intervention.
Develops individual client treatment plans and provides input regarding clients’ needs, performance and progress, and provides client health education.
Provides nursing care including vital signs, administering of and noting response to medication, first-aid, specimen collection for lab work, and infection control/assessment.
Completes and maintains all documentation such as medication records/reports, progress notes, client files, charting logbooks, chart audits, and inventories of medical supplies. Receives and transcribes doctor orders.

Company: The Ranch PA, Promises Behavioral Health

1166 Hilts Road
Wrightsville, PA 17368

Contact: Eleanor Keller
(717) 478-1711