Full-time Position, Available on: 2022-12-12


Under the general supervision of the Clinical Nursing Coordinator and/or the Practice Manager, provides safe, therapeutic and efficient care and services to patients. Functions as a member of the health care team at an intermediate nursing level to assist in the planning and implementation of patient care based upon sound nursing judgment, clinical preparation, knowledge, skills and experience. Nursing care is provided in accordance with the provisions of the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. In addition, serves as a nursing resource for clinical staff and may serve as the key clinical contact in the absence of the Clinical Coordinator or Clinical Team Lead by providing support for clinical staff scheduling and competency oversight of clinicians.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs specialized procedures, examinations and/or tests as ordered, such as, urinary catheterization, and insertion of intravenous lines (IV) with an approved IV certification training.
In collaboration with Physician/APC, reinforces health education, counseling, and advice to patients and families on topics such as healthy lifestyle changes. Effectively assesses patient educational needs, prioritizes patient’s learning needs, identifies barriers to learning, and uses various educational tools to encourage the non-adherent patient.
Tracks, reviews, and monitors the follow-up of diagnostic test results to ensure the physician/APC have verified results and patient has been notified. Provides related education, counseling, ongoing review, and monitoring regarding diagnostic tests (i.e., INR results in Anticoagulation Clinic) under the collaboration of the Physician/APC. Assists in the management of patient care between visits.
Assesses patient’s/caller’s health status based upon presenting symptoms and follows defined protocols. Determines the urgency for care and directs patient/caller to the most appropriate level of care. Should access not be readily available at the practice, will direct patient/caller to an acceptable alternative venue of care. Seeks Physician/APC advice appropriately.
Obtains and documents reason for visit and patient vital signs to include both pain scale and pulse oximetry as appropriate.
Assists Physician/APC with examinations, procedures and other processes related to direct patient care.
Collects specimens as directed by Physician/APC. Uses appropriate equipment and protocols for collecting, handling, testing, labeling, and preparing for transportation to lab including proper identification, storage procedures and techniques.
Ensures all patient care areas are adequately stocked with unexpired supplies and medications.
Prepares patients for scheduled procedures by assuring patient is undressed and appropriately gowned.
Assesses sterility of instruments, ensures they are intact, and supplies are set up.
Sterilizes instruments, equipment, and supplies as required, when applicable. Handles and stores instruments, equipment and supplies appropriately.
Completes necessary paperwork, prior authorizations and/or scheduling of appointments for patients who are ordered diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Maintains patient records to ensure accurate documentation of the patient’s medical treatment.
Adheres to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.
Prepares and administers vaccines, medications, and controlled substances/narcotics as prescribed by the Physician/APC and as certified competencies permit. Utilizes the Six Rights of Medication Administration. Asks prescribed screening questions, identifies risks and contraindications, questions and observes for appropriate responses or adverse reactions.
Documents and processes prescription requests and refills per Physician/APC order and or policy.
Uses Universal Precautions with every patient and visitor encounter.


Minimum Experience:

1 year of Medical Practice experience
Minimum Education:

Certificate of completion (degree or diploma) from an accredited LPN program
Required Certification:

Current LPN license in PA; Basic Life Support (BLS) certification

Company: Wellspan Health

Ephrata, PA

Contact: Melissa Melhorn
(717) 851-3750