Full-time Position, Available on: 2022-01-03

The purpose of this position is to assist the Groundskeeper Supervisor in maintaining the Mennonite Home Communities grounds, shrubs, trees, and grass.

A. Resident Service- Practices a resident-centered focus. Creating an environment of compassion by acknowledging and respecting the individuality of each resident.
B. Accountability- Takes responsibility for own actions and monitors personal performance to ensure quality resident care and quality services. Follows department’s and organization’s policies and procedures.
C. Communication- Practices expressing oneself effectively and respectfully. Also listens well, gives and receives feedback, uses constructive criticism and helps to resolve conflicts.
D. Teamwork- Being open to learning from each other and celebrating and creating community together. Cooperates and partners with fellow team members to accomplish goals and shared purposes.

A. Assist in caring for all Mennonite Home Communities grounds; trimming shrubs, trees, flower beds and mowing grass.
B. Assist in implementing snow and ice procedures.
C. Responsible to be available for any emergency involving the grounds.
D. The ability to apply pesticides.
E. Scheduled hours will be adjusted due to seasonal work.
F. Responsible to be available for after scheduled hours and on weekends.
G. An aptitude in mechanical operations.
H. General knowledge of mowing, pruning and trimming techniques.
I. The ability to implement job responsibilities.
J. The ability to be flexible; good time management skills.
K. The ability to communicate effectively.
L. The ability to drive a car, van, truck, or tractor in a variety of weather conditions.
M. Assist in all general maintenance such as painting, wallpapering, carpeting, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work to keep the facility in good condition and the equipment functioning at an optimal level. (Inclement weather and off seasons.)

A. Responsible to be available for any emergency that may require additional manpower to ensure normal operations.
B. Employee has completed annual compliance and HIPAA training and exhibits behavior as set forth by the code of conduct in the performance of their duties.

A. One to two years experience working as a groundskeeper or nursery worker preferred
B. Pesticide license preferred or must be obtained within one year.
C. The Groundskeeper is responsible to the Groundskeeper Supervisor, Director of Facilities and Assistant Director of Facilities.

A. The ability to meet a variety of specific physical requirements such as reaching, bending, stooping, twisting, lifting various weights up to 100lbs, pushing and pulling up to 150 lbs. climbing, squatting, kneeling, reading, writing, walking, running and being on your feet 95% of the time. These physical demands are called for frequently and spontaneously as needed and for varying periods of time.
B. Have a valid PA license; the ability to drive a car, van, truck, or tractor in a variety of weather conditions.
C. Works with electricity, power tools, equipment and vehicles.
D. Exposure to various chemicals, fumes and extreme temperatures.
E. Lifting, pushing, and pulling various shapes and weights.
F. Works in the maintenance shop and throughout the entire campus.
G. Works outdoors (seasonal) in hot or cold temperatures, and in inclement weather.

Company: Mennonite Home Communities

1520 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

Contact: Justin Lewis
(717) 735-2683