Food & Beverage Supervisor

Part-time Position, Available on: 2020-02-06

The Food and Beverage Supervisor is responsible for successful management of all aspects of the Spooky Nook Sports concession operations.

Essential Job Functions:

Maintain on-going development and training of other Food and Beverage associates to contribute toward the growth of the Company.
Maintain positive working relations between Food and Beverage and all other departments.
Assist in preparing & set up of the concession areas for specific programs, sports events, or showcases.
Facilitate cash, staffing, setup, and equipment needs.
Communicate properly and effectively with the guest, associates and managers regarding any operational challenges and opportunities to better enhance the overall guest’s experience.
Follow and update concessions area SOPs.
Manage employee breaks in compliance with wage and hour laws
Communicate necessary information to hourly staff.
Assist in conducting monthly physical inventory as requested by management.
Oversee Food Service Leads & Attendants during shift.
All other duties as assigned.
Process all point of sale transactions promptly and within company guidelines and troubleshoot POS systems if errors occur.
Supervise and coordinate activities of all Food & Beverage employees engaged in providing meals and/or beverages to patrons and employees.
Ensure food preparation and display food is appealing to the eye and replenished as needed.
Follow WLD (Wrap, Label and Date) procedures for all food products and return to designated areas. Practice FIFO (first in first out) on all products. Utilize cooler products that are WLD first before opening new products.
Assure exceptional guest service to all patrons by communicating in a pleasant, friendly, and professional manner at all times.

Company: Spooky Nook Sports

75 Champ Blvd

Contact: Jaime Kellinger
(717) 618-8511