Fence Crew Leader

Full-time Position, Available on: 2023-08-28

We are looking for someone with the ability to learn quickly and grow into this leadership position:

Roles and Responsibilities

Primary role is to efficiently lead a crew to install fences in a professional, high-quality, and timely manner. This includes setting clear expectations for crew members, training members of the team as needed, providing every customer with an exceptional experience (a commitment to “get each customer to happy every time”), and representing company values on the job. Specific responsibilities include the following:

● Care of your truck and tools: includes keeping truck clean and tools and supplies organized; fill out DOT record weekly as per company requirements.

● Stop and think through job and make sure you have the tools and supplies needed to complete before leaving the shop

● Pre-start customer walk-through: note and mark private utilities with him/her, confirm gate placement/swing direction, take notes as necessary; listen to and understand the customer’s needs and expectations and communicate those to team; think about safety and security for pets and people; have customer sign off on layout before job starts

● Make sure that yard sign gets placed before job starts, and fence sign is attached to fence upon completion

● Give direction to crew members so that they always know what to do and are able to work efficiently including times when you are talking to the customer, problem-solving, hanging gates, etc.

● Train your crew members: give reasons, tips, strategies; teach right-hand man on particulars such as gates
● Watch for and eliminate hazards and unsafe practices during the installation
● Respect crew members and customers by not tolerating profanity, crude conversations, or loud music; you are responsible to represent our company and values at all times while on the clock

● Keep trash picked up and site as clean as possible throughout the day, and clean up well at the end; ensure the trash is picked up, tools are accounted for, ground does not have excessive tracks or gullies, driveway is cleaned, and all dirt has been properly raked. Think about the customer coming home and look for what he/she might see that could have been done better

● Analyze each job and think through questions like, “How could I have led the crew more efficiently? How could we have made that area/gate look more attractive?”

● Turn in all receipts to the office
● As a supervisor, all the work performed on the job, whether you did it or not, is your responsibility. Ensure that your crew members performed the work as they should have. You should be the one taking the last walk around the fence and property looking for problems. When you find problems with crew members work, always inform them of the problem and show them how to correct it so it will not happen in the future. Additionally, you are responsible to make sure that you are installing the fence according to the customer’s direction and our fence layout and contract.

Essential Job-Related Requirements

● Installation experience
● A positive attitude, excellent character, leadership skills, self-motivation, adaptability, creativity, problem-solving ability, and exceptional work ethic

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Company: Integrous

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