Deli Team Member-Evening

Part-time Position, Available on: 2020-02-10

Position Key Job Responsibilities
• (1502) Slices or cuts deli products to customer specifications, weighs, packages, and labels
• (1503) Uses and maintains ovens and rotisserie, if applicable.
• (TM) Cleans department area, including equipment, containers, storage areas, aisles, and display
cases; keeping products and supplies well organized.
• (TM) Operates equipment, if needed (if over 18 years of age).
• (TM) Operates price scale with knowledge of current prices. Prices or changes price tags on
merchandise referring to price list and in coordination with scan department.
Stauffers of Kissel Hill Prepared on: 2/10/2020 12:51:28 PM
• (TM) Prepares and promotes department samples.
• (TM) Receives, opens, and unpacks cartons and crates of merchandise, checking invoice against
items received. Promptly clears floor of all restocking equipment and debris.
• (TM) Prepares, packages, and rotates product according to departmental guidelines.
• (TM) Sets and signs displays of merchandise to attract customers and promote sales.
• (TM) Takes and processes customer orders according to customer request ensuring that product is
ready on time.
• (TM) Takes inventory or examines merchandise on a regular basis, to identify items needing to be
reordered or replenished.

Company: Stauffers of Kissel Hill


Contact: Diane Anstett
(717) 626-4771