Decorator/Production Worker (2nd & 3rd Shifts): Temp to Hire

Full-time, Temporary Position, Available on: 2021-03-08

Job Purpose

Assembles and decorates various cake products, while developing proficiency in accordance with designated specifications; performs various job tasks of a repetitive nature in accordance with product type and production requirements; conforms to Good Manufacturing, Safety and Quality practices as outlined by company policy.

Essential Functions

– Responsibility to work and act safely in accordance with all policies
– Responsibility to report safety hazards to people or product and comply with all Good Manufacturing Practices
– Supplies cake product to line and applies controlled ingredient portions of icing, filling, or garnishes with specified tools in accordance with product specifications, pre-determined decorating techniques, and standard speeds
– Understands product specification sheet and makes the necessary changes in tools and techniques to finish specified product with minimal supervision in various stages of assembly
– Follows Good Manufacturing Practices by adhering to company policy and keeping work areas and equipment neat and clean on an ongoing basis
– Operates and makes minor adjustments to automatic icing equipment
– Operates and makes minor adjustments to automatic packaging equipment
– Monitors equipment performance and reports damaged or faulty equipment to supervisor
– Inspects various packaging materials for uniformity before use, completes packaging of various cake products according to specifications, and notifies supervisor of faulty material
– Inspects finished product for uniformity and rejects product out of specification
– Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor including rotating through other positions on the finishing line.

The decorator works on the finishing line and includes the following positions:
– Dumper
– Platter
– Put-together/Spreader
– Icer
– Borderer
– Fixing
– Crumbers
– Budder/Leafer
– Lidder
– Packer

There are also 4 tiers to the Decorators responsibility and pay level. For more information on responsibility, speeds and requirements for each tier please ask Human Resources about the different tiers and advancement opportunities.
– Tier 1: Apprentice
– Tier 2: Decorator
– Tier 3: Senior Decorator
– Tier 4: Master Decorator

– All employees must keep area clean and be responsible for cleaning during down time, during changeovers and at the end of a shift.
– Comply with all food safety requirements, training, policies, and procedures
– Ensure the food safety of all our products for all of our customers and consumers.
– Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Qualifications (Education/Experience)

– High School diploma or equivalent
– Demonstrates manual dexterity
– Ability to perform repetitive motions on a regular basis
– Ability to work in a fast paced environment using both hands, frequent bending/stooping and twisting with occasional walking and lifting/moving up to 25 lbs.
– Must be able to stand for a full shift
– Must be able to push and pull wheeled bowls in excess of 750lbs
– Must be able to work over 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day- ability to work overtime is required
– Must be able to tolerate potential allergens: peanut products, egg, diary, gluten, soy, seafood and shellfish

Application can be found at:

Temp Positions Start at $13.50/hr and increase based on experience, time with company, and development.

Company: Rise Baking Company

3701 Concord Road
York, PA 17402

Contact: Denise Holley
(717) 512-5985