Core Room Machine Operator

Full-time Position, Available on: 2023-05-31

 Assemble sand cores to fabricate metal casting.
 Brush, dip, or spray solution such as graphite onto cores to produce a smooth finish.
 Inspect own work for visual defects.
 Know identification numbers for all core boxes.
 Record data as required on all internal documents.
 Perform housekeeping.
 Dress cores; fill voids in surface of core with core mud or patching sand
 Perform set-ups, attend minor breakdowns, and report other equipment conditions as necessary.
 Assist in training of co-workers.
 Maintain a good attendance record.
 Keep work area clean.
 Adhere to company policy pertaining to time utilization, safety and proper use and care of tools and equipment.
 Perform all other job-related tasks as assigned.

Company: J. Walter Miller

411 E. Chestnut St.
Lancaster, PA 17602

Contact: Delia Tomassini
(717) 392-7428