Cheesemaker Assistant

Full-time Position, Available on: 2023-08-14

Dilly Artisan Foods was created by Lancaster County natives who grew up with a sense of pride in the artisanal foods that come from the area’s rich culinary history. The craftsmanship, mastery, and commitment that is required to make these specialty foods defines who we are. Part of what makes Dilly unique is that its curated collection of products is locally sourced from farm-fresh ingredients and handcrafted by artisans. Some Dilly products require special processes using milk, cream, or curds that masters have been using for more than 100 years. In 2020, Shenk’s Cup Cheese became part of the Dilly Artisan Foods family. This product’s long history provides a strong foundation for blending both the old and new. It also allows us to be recognized as the oldest continuous cheesemaker in the state of Pennsylvania. Supporting the local ecosystem of Lancaster County is central to Dilly. Keeping these food traditions on grocery store shelves and in the hands of our local chefs keeps the region’s heritage alive for those who love it and those who have yet to try it. Buying local also helps our area farmers who depend on the local economy and small businesses like Dilly. At Dilly, we are about both the old and the new. We have a rich, strong history with deep-rooted traditions. Applying those traditional practices in new ways is at the heart of our exciting future.

The Cheesemaker Assistant is responsible for assisting the Operations Manager and Lead Cheesemaker in the production process and manufacturing of our handcrafted cheeses. This includes assisting in receipt of milk and ingredients, pasteurization, the culturing, cheddaring and all make activities, packaging and sanitation.

• Cheese Production through each step of the process, from raw milk receipt to pasteurization, culturing, cheddaring and all make activities
• Understand and follow SOP processes for each cheese make.
• Use pH meter, moisture analyzer, and other technical equipment
• Assist in Production and process record-keeping including make sheets for each batch
• Assist in the sanitation and cleanup of the production area
• Follow and comply with good manufacturing, food safety and quality assurance practices. Continuous maintenance of the entire work area to ensure clean and sanitary conditions
• Support the packaging process of cheese
• Responsible for reporting production deficiencies, food safety issues and quality issues
• Responsible for the accurate and timely processing of all duties
• Work with the Operations Manager and Lead Cheesemaker on Production schedule, ongoing product development, and process improvements
• Other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager and Lead Cheesemaker

• Food manufacturing experience is preferred but not required
• Understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices, cleaning, sanitizing, or Food Safety is preferred
• Significant physical strength and endurance, including the ability to lift 50+ lbs
• Ability to walk and stand for long periods of time
• Flexible start and stop times
• Strong attention to detail for accuracy in all facets of the position
• Highly organized and able to adapt quickly to changing priorities. Ability to multi-task
• Team player who enjoys collaborating with team members along with the ability to work independently
• Problem-solver
• Self-motivated to succeed, meet deadlines and follow through on tasks
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Computer literacy with a strength in Excel

We encourage individuals new to cheesemaking who have a desire to learn to apply. We are eager to train those that display this desire. Salary commensurate with experience

Company: Dilly Artisan Foods

1980 New Danville Pike
Lancaster PA, 17603

Contact: Crystal Dohner
(717) 475-2961