Certified Nurse Assistant

Full-time, Part-time, Permanent, Temporary Position, Available on: 2022-12-13

Under the direction and supervision of the Charge Nurse, the Nursing Assistant performs tasks that involve specific
services for Residents, which are supportive and complementary to nursing practice.
1. Ability to speak English clearly and write legibly.
2. Ability to understand and carry out directions or instructions, both written and verbal.
3. Ability to record messages and keep simple records.
4. Must possess current State Certification as a Nursing Assistant.
Personal Requirements:
1. Good physical health with no limitations of restrictions as evidenced by Physical Examination and T.B.
2. Good mental health and emotional maturity.
3. Ability to accept correction and close supervision.
4. Good personal grooming and hygiene.
5. Possession of a genuine interest and concern for geriatric and disabled persons.
6. Ability to maintain an understanding and accepting attitude with Residents.
7. Ability to maintain a pleasant, courteous manner with Residents and staff members, and show flexibility if
Resident or unit assignment is changed for a particular shift.
8. Willingness to perform a variety of simple repetitive tasks that may involve unpleasant conditions and
maintain patience and tact.
9. Ability to acquire knowledge of and develop skills in simple nursing procedures under the direction and
supervision of a licensed nurse.
1. Provides a suitable environment for Residents by giving attention to cleanliness.
2. Assists Residents to ensure their cleanliness, grooming, nourishment, rest, activity, and elimination in a
manner conducive to the Residents comfort and safety.
3. Preserves the dignity and self-respect of all Residents at all times.
4. Practices privacy and confidentiality about the Residents and nursing care activities.
5. Promotes restorative nursing care as directed and instructed for individual residents.
6. Keeps alert to the Resident’s condition and report changes in the Resident’s attitude, appearance, behavior,
and physical ability to the Charge nurse.
7. Performs selected nursing procedures which do not require professional evaluation as assigned and
instructed by the Charge nurse.
8. Practices conservation of equipment and supply needs to the Charge nurse.
9. Promptly answers call signals.
10. Transports Residents as needed through the facility.
11. Assists Residents in their recreational and social activities as needed.
12. Recognizes and respects the individual emotional, social and cultural needs of Residents, including their
religious beliefs.
13. Attends orientation and in-service training meetings and assumes responsibility for obtaining hours
required for maintaining current certification.
14. Keeps written notes of specific assignments and records pertinent information about the Residents.
15. Performs other duties as assigned by the Charge Nurse, RN Supervisor or Director of Nursing.
Physical and Sensory Requirements
1. Must be able to move intermittently throughout the work day.
2. Must be able to speak and write English in an understandable manner.
3. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
4. Must be able to see and hear, or use prosthetic devices to enable them to use these senses adequately, to
ensure that the requirements of the position are met.
5. Must be able to lift, push, pull and move a minimum of 50 pounds.
6. Must be able to assist with the evacuation of patients/residents.
7. Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.
8. Must be able to work with and relate to the ill, disabled, elderly or emotionally upset patient/resident.
9. Must be able to work effectively with patients/residents, personnel and support agencies.

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