Full-time Position, Available on: 2020-03-02

Position Key Job Responsibilities:

• (1004) Takes and process customer orders according to customer request, ensuring that the product
is ready on time.
• (1004) Assists the Bakery Manager in determining variety and quantity of bakery products to be
produced or replenished, according to orders, sales projections and daily volume.
• (1004) Assists with the development and implementation of new product ideas.
• (1004) Awareness of miss-picked merchandise and knowledge of how to correct the problem.
• (1004) Has knowledge of bakery equipment and procedures to ensure a quality product.
• (1004) Has knowledge of current inventories and ordering systems to assist with the ordering of
supplies as needed.
• (1004) Merchandises the entrance case with the appropriate stock levels based on day, time of year
and special store events. (Stores 061 and 032 only)
• (1004) Prepares frozen products for proper baking.
• (1004) Produces a variety of bakery products ensuring proper production and quality.
• (TM) Cleans department area, including equipment, containers, storage areas, aisles, and display
cases; keeping products and supplies well organized.
• (TM) Operates equipment, if needed (if over 18 years of age).
• (TM) Operates price scale with knowledge of current prices. Prices or changes price tags on
merchandise referring to price list and in coordination with scan department.
• (TM) Receives, opens, and unpacks cartons and crates of merchandise, checking invoice against
items received. Promptly clears floor of all restocking equipment and debris.
• (TM) Sets and signs displays of merchandise to attract customers and promote sales.
• (TM) Takes inventory or examines merchandise on a regular basis, to identify items needing to be
reordered or replenished.

Company: Stauffers of Kissel Hill

301 Rohrerstown Rd
Lancaster PA 17603

Contact: Diane Anstett
(717) 626-4771