Tours / Visits

Tour and Visit Overview

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center (LCCTC) encourages students and their families to take advantage of the various opportunities to visit offered throughout the school year.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOWCASE – 8th Grade. Many school districts take part in a fall or spring 8th grade tour at one of our campus locations. This is a great way for students to learn about the various programs offered at LCCTC. Please see the guidance department at your middle school for further information.

HALF-DAY PROGRAM SHOWCASE – 10th Grade. Students visit the half-day junior programs at the campus that corresponds to their school district. When students are in eleventh grade they may enter one of these half-day programs which explore one of the Centers in the Career Pathways.

JUNIOR SHOWCASE – 11th Grade. This showcase is offered to all juniors in Lancaster County. Students receive a presentation at their high school from an LCCTC representative in the fall. The student may choose 1-3 programs to visit at one or all campus locations. Each campus is scheduled for a showcase on a different day, giving students the option of visiting more than one campus. Students should contact their guidance office if they have any questions regarding these visits or to obtain more information.

INDIVIDUAL VISITS – Further exploration can be done through individual visits to the CTC’s daytime programs allowing a student to spend part or all day in a selected class. Multiple programs at a particular campus may be visited in one day. Students need to contact their high school guidance office to schedule a visit. The high school counselor will contact the LCCTC and inform us of the programs you would like to visit. If you are home-schooled please contact the high school in your district for information regarding local policies and procedures.

OPEN HOUSE – Every fall Lancaster County Career & Technology Center hosts an Open House at all four of its campuses. This is an opportunity for both high school and adult students to learn more about all of the educational opportunities offered at Lancaster County CTC. Both current students and classroom instructors are available to answer your questions. Please check the OPEN HOUSE page for details.