Employee Portal/CSIU

The portal will remain unavailable during the CSIU transition. Staff will receive notification by email when the process is complete.

Our conversion to the new web-based CSIU software continues and as you know the Employee portal is down (impacts absence entry and timesheet entry for many employees) and the Purchase Order system is down.  We plan to have both up and active by the end of next week (5/26/17).

The timesheet entry only affects those who were previously entering time on the Employee portal and Aesop will remain available for the Instructor absence entry.

We will provide training materials for both systems via email in the next few days.  Additionally, we will be in the buildings as follows to review the emailed documents and answer any questions:


Willow Street Cafeteria Monday 5/22/17 – beginning at 2:40

Brownstown Cafeteria Tuesday 5/23/17 – beginning at 2:40

Mount Joy Cafeteria Wednesday 5/24/17 – beginning at 2:40

Health Sciences Campus Thursday 5/25/17 – beginning at 2:40


Health Sciences Campus Tuesday 5/30/17  – beginning at 2:40 (timesheet entry only)

Mount Joy Cafeteria Wednesday 5/31/17  – beginning at 2:40

Brownstown Cafeteria Thursday 6/1/17  – beginning at 2:40

Willow Street Cafeteria Friday 6/2/17  – beginning at 2:40

Thank you!