Part Day Programs - High School

Part day programs enable college bound seniors and high school students in grades 10 & 11 the opportunity to explore different aspects of a career field. The senior “College-Prep” part day programs enable students to explore a career area for a few hours during each school day. Since the programs meet for only a part of the day, students can gain technical skills at LCCTC while meeting academic requirements for college at their sending schools. The 10th and 11th grade Introduction programs allow students to explore a variety of careers within an occupational center and are designed for students who plan to apply for one of the full-time Lancaster County Career & Technology programs during their senior year.

Introduction to Construction Careers

Prepare for specialization in a full-day CTC program. Experience the basic construction trades. Operate professional hand and power tools. Perform basic carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electrical skills and more!

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Introduction to Culinary Careers

Prepare for professional full-day program and further education. Create desserts from traditional recipes such as cookies and cheesecakes to pastries with artistic presentation. Experience the latest trends in food preparation such as Asian cuisine, barbecue, and vegetarian dishes as well as traditional cuisine. Plan, prepare, and serve meals for special events.

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Introduction to Health Careers

Prepare for health care and related programs. Perform a wide range of medical skills in various health care careers. Use medical equipment in exploring the human body. Practice ethical standard, confidentiality, leadership and professionalism when interacting with patients, clients, and co-workers.

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Introduction to Manufacturing Careers

Prepare for specialization in a full-day CTC program. Fabricate and build custom metal projects. Operate the same welding and cutting equipment as industry professionals. Design, invent and develop electrical and robotic systems!

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Introduction to Transportation Careers

Prepare for further education in the full-day CTC transportation programs. Develop the skills to diagnose and troubleshoot today’s hi-tech vehicles and equipment. Explore and experience the operating systems and repair procedures for a wide range of vehicles. Interact with trade professionals from the transportation industry.

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Introduction to Visual Communications Careers

Prepare for full day CTC program, immediate employment, and further education. Experience drawing, computer graphics, and photography to deliver powerful visual arts. Capture photographs with current digital cameras. Create and design reproductions utilizing the same hardware and design software as professional graphic artists and commercial printers.

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