CTC Workforce Training Program has New Coordinator

March 23, 2022

The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center (LCCTC) has hired a Workforce Development Coordinator to revive and revise the CTC’s Workforce Development program. Danie Martin, the CTC’s new Workforce Development Coordinator, will head up this effort to renew professional ties and relationships between the LCCTC and local businesses.

Workforce training and development is a vital aspect of maintaining a knowledgeable and effective staff. Modern business and industry changes by the day. Businesses continually require high-quality staff development and professional training to address those needs. The LCCTC’s Workforce Training and Continuing Education program can offer the expertise to train and help businesses retain high-quality workers.

“We can provide customized trainings for businesses that meet their needs and their schedules,” Workforce Development Coordinator Danie Martin said. “We can offer training in basic welding and specialized welding techniques, medical terminology, basic industrial maintenance, phlebotomy, automotive and HVAC certifications, CDL training, and much more!”

The commitment to train employees and develop their overall value to your organization does more than just ensure a steady stream of effective workers. It shows to your employees that they are valued. That recognition helps to build a sense of involvement, boosts morale, and improves staff retention. A properly trained workforce results in greater productivity, improved performance, and increased job satisfaction.

Martin explained that the LCCTC is looking to rebuild and strengthen our relations with businesses in Lancaster County.

“We want to help Lancaster County businesses grow by ‘upskilling’ their employees through trainings and workforce development. We can provide businesses flexible training sessions for existing and new staff members and meet an employer’s needs when they need it,” Martin said.

More information on workforce development at the LCCTC can be obtained by contacting Danie Martin at 717-945-3083, or email damartin@lancasterctc.edu .

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