Veterinary Technology Students Graduate

September 24, 2020
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The latest cohort of Veterinary Technician students celebrated earning their associate degrees last evening at the Willow Street campus of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center.  The ceremony was held outside the school building near the classrooms where the students had spent the last two years studying and learning.

Joan Dickenson and Jasmine Burgos sat in camp chairs, socially distant to others, at the base of a grassy hill in the parking lot along with dozens of other spectators.  The pair was excited to see new Vet Tech Brook Rivera graduate.

“She’s been working at this for two years.  This was one of her dreams,” Dickenson said.  “It’s so good to see her graduate!”

“She’s been wanting to do this since she was a kid,” Burgos added.  “I’m so proud of her!”

Jake and Monica Fisher sat on top of the small, grassy hillside waiting to see Kate Fisher.  Jake Fisher was pleased to attend the in-person graduation.

“I had no doubt that a graduation would happen,” he said. “I figured that they would get it done somehow.”

Brook, Katlyn, and 14 other graduates, in royal blue cap and gowns, processed in and were seated as “Pomp and Circumstance” played.  Members of the graduating class, including Peter Bruner, Kaitlyn Musselman, and Kylenn Shenk spoke to the assembled students, staff, friends, and families.

Peter Bruner thanked the staff for all of their work and dedication to get the class to graduation.  He joked that he probably knows the names of more veterinary medical instruments than all of his co-workers combined.  Musselman and Shenk added their own comments appreciation and admiration for the staff.

Jennifer Baker, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Foundation, presented four graduates with scholarships – Kate Fisher, Emily Rehrig, Samantha Roberts, and Shawndell Reisler.  Each graduate received a $500 workforce grant scholarship.  Baker said that these scholarships are for eligible students entering the workforce in a career that is in line with their Career and Technology program of study.  She said that they are designed to assist the recent graduate in obtaining the tools, equipment, uniforms, or other items needed for employment.

Once each student was called up to receive their diplomas, Amber Heard, LCCTC’s Director of Higher and Continuing Education, announced that they were officially graduates of the Veterinary Technology.  Her last few words were drowned out by a gleeful shout from the students and spectators as the new graduates officially commenced a new phase in their lives.

Veterinary Technology Award Recipients

  • Teacher Choice Award – Amanda Swenson
  • Outstanding Growth Award – Kate Fisher
  • Academic Excellence Award – Peter Bruner
  • Leadership Award – Peter Bruner

Veterinary Technology Graduates from Lancaster County CTC Cohort 4

  • Peter Bruner
  • Amy Bush
  • Lydeah Carpenter
  • Kendra Corbin
  • Eric Davis
  • Courtney Draper
  • Kate Fisher
  • Kaitlyn Musselman
  • Emily Rehrig
  • Shawndell Reisler
  • Brook Rivera
  • Samantha Roberts
  • Kylenn Shenk
  • Amanda Swenson
  • Katelyn Teaman
  • Alaina White

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