Updated Guidance About Quarantine from PA DOH

We at the LCCTC strongly encourage all in our community to wear a mask, vaccinate, and get the booster. It is clear that the latest strain of coronavirus has proved extremely contagious.

The PA Department of Health has released updates to address the latest CDC information.  Details on the updated guidance from the state can be found at the link below.

Given the most recent guidance, the LCCTC will only be quarantining individuals who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, those who are presumed to have a positive test result, or have Covid-19 symptoms.

We hold to the conviction that the best and safest way through the pandemic is vaccination, masking, and the vaccine booster.  Your continued cooperation with these infection mitigation techniques – including hand washing, wearing a face mask, vaccination and social distancing – are some of the best ways to get through the pandemic healthy and safe.

Thank you for your efforts and understanding.

Link to current PA Dept. of Health guidance – https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/Documents/HAN/2022-619-1-7-UPD-COVID-19%20Isolation.pdf

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