Update – Masking Requirements & Exemptions at LCCTC

September 12, 2021
Posted in: Covid News

The first weeks of any school year is a time to shake out the cobwebs and resettle into an educational routine.  That routine has been agitated a bit for the last several days, thanks to the state’s recent order to return to required masking.  We entered the summer enthusiastic for a return to normality.  We exited the summer reminded that nature could have other plans.

None of us wanted to return to life behind a mask, but it is the current reality.  Many individuals believe that masking is necessary and is done for the greater good of our community.  Others believe otherwise.  The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center recognizes that we, as a public school entity, have a duty to adhere to the requirements of state authorities.  CTC administration, faculty, and staff could be disciplined for failure to enforce the order.  Therefore, all CTC students, staff, and faculty must wear a face mask or shield unless they have obtained an exemption through the process required by their home district.

Our institution exists to serve the other 16 school entities in the county and those of their students who choose a career and technical education.  It is then possible that the CTC has students attending classes whose home schools’ rules and procedures regarding masking differ.  We must make it clear that all CTC students must comply with the CTC’s Health and Safety Plan that conforms to the masking requirements from the state.

The LCCTC will follow a student’s respective home district’s process and procedure for mask exemptions.  Therefore, CTC students seeking a masking exemption must begin the waiver process with their school district and follow that district’s application process.  Students who have begun the waiver process with their home district must provide appropriate documentation to their CTC campus principal.  Once the home school district completes the exemption application review, students must provide a copy of the approved exemption to their CTC campus principal.

Ultimately, if a CTC student does not receive an exemption from their district, or has not begun the waiver process in accordance with their district procedure, they must wear an appropriate mask/face shield at the CTC.   If they still refuse to wear the required face covering at the CTC, then we will assist families through the procedure to return the student to their home district to continue their education there.

Individual motivations to follow or not to follow the state’s order are as complex and varied as our community.  You always have agency in how you choose to express yourself.  We ask that you seek patience during a trying time and demonstrate respect to yourself and to others.

Thank you for understanding and have a good day.

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