UPDATE – Masking & Exemption at the LCCTC

Every parent wants to do right by their children.  So does every public school.  The main difference between the two is that a parent may have one, or even several, children, while a public school has hundreds or even thousands.

The difficulty for parents and public schools during these tumultuous times is determining what is best and what is fairest for as many people as possible.  Ultimately, it is a philosophy question.  Is it best to act in defense of your own best interest or should we act for the greater good?  Perhaps there is no right or wrong answer, only a difference in perspective.

The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center does not have the luxury to weigh individual freedom over good of the community.  We must act in accord with the state’s legal order requiring masking.  We remind everyone that all Lancaster County CTC students must wear a face mask or face shield while within a CTC facility. 

There are processes available to families if they want to apply for an exemption to the universal masking order.  The Lancaster County CTC will do what we can to facilitate these procedures specific to a student’s home school district.  However, in order for an exemption to be valid at the LCCTC, it must be based on section 3 of the state order and have the corresponding documentation to justify the exemption request, such as medical documentation identifying the need for an exemption from the universal face covering order for the individual student.

We will work with families and school districts to address their concerns and beliefs, but we will also act to protect the collective interest of our students, our staff, and our institution.  The Lancaster County CTC will not take an action that will knowingly violate a legal state order.

The full text of the state’s masking requirements can be found here.

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