Troubled Childhood Leads to Found Passion AT CTC

October 23, 2018

Cullin Dorsey has not had an easy life. He’s experienced homelessness, parental abandonment, he’s made bad choices, and he’s had little success in school.

His mom is in jail due to addiction issues and his dad drifted in and out of his life. He grew up in Reading and eventually relocated to North Carolina with his dad when his parents divorced.  For a time, Cullin and his sister lived on the streets and spent nights in a lifeguard station on the beach. A friend’s family took them in until they could no longer handle him, so they called his grandparents in Pennsylvania.

“By this time, I had given up on myself and was making stupid mistakes,” said the 19 year-old. “But when my grandparents picked up my sister and me, I saw it as an opportunity to straighten up my life. I went to Manheim Central my junior year, I began to focus on my school and career, and I decided I wanted to go to CTC my senior year. I really worked my butt off.”

Cullin is now an HVAC/R student at the Brownstown Campus. He works part-time at Giant and was one of the first to land a co-op position with a refrigeration company near his home. His goal is to have full-time employment with them at graduation. He hasn’t missed a day of school this year and he’s on the honor roll – something he’s never achieved before.

According to his Instructor Mike Arndt, “I see none of the “troubled” portion of Cullin’s past in him.  If I wasn’t already made aware of it prior to him starting the school year, I would have had no idea.  I would have been shocked to hear it.  As I observe Cullin, all I see is an extremely dedicated student with great manners, and a good personality.  He works very hard, and his grade reflects that. “

“It’s been a great experience for me,” said Cullin. “I love everything about this course, I love working in the shop and I like taking notes in the classroom. I feel better about myself and I believe my life is really turning around. I found my passion at the CTC.”

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