Technical Education Provides Students with Competitive Edge in Job Market

June 6, 2023

This past week Assistant Administrative Director Tom Wolfe was interviewed by Elise Person of CBS 21 about the increased interest in technical education in central Pennsylvania. 

Schools like the LCCTC provide students with hands-on technical training that can be immediately applied to their careers following graduation. In fact, nearly one-third of our graduating secondary students had already been working in their chosen field through our co-op program, which connects students with local employers, and allows them to gain industry experience during their final semester. Many of our co-op students have full-time jobs waiting for them upon graduation. 

Employers’ need for highly trained individuals will only increase over the years, giving Lancaster CTC students a competitive edge in the job market. Says Wolfe: “I think we have a lot of people at retirement age right now that are getting out of some of these skilled trades areas, and they’re looking for people to backfill those positions…I honestly believe that the value of a career and technical education has never been realized by more people than it has today.” 

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