REMINDER – Masks Required at LCCTC Starting Sept. 7

The Lancaster County CTC’s Board-approved Health & Safety Plan states that the CTC would comply with face covering mandates from the PA Departments of Health and of Education.  On Wednesday, August 31, 2021, the Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health issued an order to school entities, including Pre-K to 12 public schools that facial coverings must be worn.  The CTC is required to comply with this lawful order.  Therefore, effective Tuesday, September 7, 2021, all students, staff, and visitors at the LCCTC must wear a face mask or face shield in accordance with the order.

The full order can be found at this link:

Please note that there are specific exceptions to the order noted in Section 3.  Accommodations for a student’s education must be processed through their respective sending district.  If a parent or guardian believes that their student(s) meets the medical exceptions as outlined in the order, please complete your respective school district’s exception/accommodation process and/or form.  Follow your district’s process for this request and provide a copy of the completed paperwork to your child’s CTC principal.

We recognize that the LCCTC community will have differing views on this order.  We ask that you continue to express your opinions professionally while modeling respectful behavior for your children.

Our goals, just like last school year, is to provide a safe learning environment and to remain open for in-person learning.  If your child does not meet one of the state-approved exceptions and/or you do not want them wearing a mask in school, we will work with you to return your student to your sending district and take advantage of the instructional options they can offer.

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