Practical Nursing Program Ranks Well on State List

A noted online reference for successful Practical Nursing programs recently recognized the Lancaster County CTC’s Practical Nursing program as one of the top schools in the state. compiles lists of Practical Nursing schools across the country and ranks them based on the performance of their students on the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).  This is the examination that PN program graduates must take and pass to start working as a Practical Nurse.  Because all students must pass this test, the percentage of students that pass the test on their first try is a good indicator of the program’s quality.

Based on these parameters, ranked the CTC’s Practical Nursing program as 13th in the state.  While that is a solid ranking and worthy of acclaim itself, the CTC would also point out that our PN program is also, by far, the largest Practical Nursing program out of any on the list.  Schools ranked higher than the CTC on this list had total average graduates of between nine students and 77 students per year.  During the same time period, the Lancaster County CTC Practical Nursing program graduated an average of 176 STUDENTS EACH YEAR.

So, based on the data that used, the CTC’s PN program is NOT ONLY one of the top PN schools in the state, we are also THE LARGEST SUPPLIER of highly trained PRACTICAL NURSING GRADUATES in Pennsylvania.

That is a testament to the quality of our program and the quality of our instructors!  Thank you to our instructors and staff and congratulations on a solid win!  Way to go!

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