Painting & Interior Finishes Student Shows Her Fine Arts Chops

December 15, 2021

Evelyn Blaies, a Painting & Interior Finishes student at the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center and a Senior from Ephrata Area School District, is an artist at heart.

“Art has always been an outlet for me.  Ever since elementary school, I’ve always been in an art class of some sort.  And it’s been something that I’ve always loved doing,” Evelyn said.

Evelyn started at the CTC as an Introduction to Construction Careers student as a Junior.  She was drawn to the Painting & Interior Finishes program as a natural extension of her interest in fine art painting.

“My [Intro to Construction Careers] instructor let me come over and check out the Painting & Interior Finishes cl

ass and I loved it,” she exclaimed.  “I might still go to an art school but I can see myself doing this sort of painting for a living.  I also enjoy the flooring work that we learn here.”

Evelyn demonstrated her fine arts skills in a painting that she had brought in to her CTC class.  The painting was of the popular fantasy character Geralt from the Witcher television series.  She said that her current inspiration for her drawing and painting artwork comes from wolves but she wanted to branch out and work on some human figure painting.

“Plus I’m a fan of the series, so it was pretty easy to pick the Witcher for my subject,” she explained.

Evelyn used her usual acrylic paints but chose a particularly apt support for her painting…a large piece of drywall.

“Drywall really works for painting,” Evelyn said. “It’s really smooth but that can be a challenge.

Canvas is woven fabric and that texture helps hold the paint.  But I really enjoyed using the drywall!”

Evelyn says that she is really enjoying her Painting and Interior Finishes class.

“The Lancaster County CTC is really comforting,” she explained. “It’s a place where you can learn about what you really want to do and make a lot of friends!  Sometimes it can feel like a second home.”

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