PA Supreme Court Reinstates Mask Mandate

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reinstated the PA Department of Health’s mask mandate for all public education institutions while it conducts a review.

As a result of the PA Supreme Court’s instruction yesterday, the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center’s Health and Safety Plan mask wearing requirement is reinstated.  The LCCTC will require all students, faculty, and staff to resume wearing masks starting on Thursday, December 2.  This requirement will remain in place until we receive further instruction from the Court or the state government.

All valid masking exemptions that had been submitted previously in the school year for individual students will remain in place.  Should a student want to apply for an exemption to the masking requirement, they should contact their home school district and follow their exemption application process.  Once the home school district completes the exemption application review, students must provide a copy of the approved exemption to their CTC campus principal.

We remind everyone that the federal requirement for students and staff to wear masks on public transportation to and from school remains in place.  None of the current state legal arguments affect that federal requirement.

Thank you for your understanding during this back and forth process.  Your patience and cooperation helps a great deal.

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