Mask Requirement Lifted at LCCTC Campuses

The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center is lifting its requirement that students, staff, and visitors to an of the CTC campuses be masked.  This action is taken following the governor’s announcement that, as of Monday, June 28, the state’s universal mask order is lifted for all Pennsylvanians.  This means that masks are no longer required in LCCTC campuses or on LCCTC grounds.  Please be aware that the CDC still recommends the voluntary use of face masks or shields as a preventative measure in the spread of COVID-19 for individuals who are not vaccinated.  Anyone is welcome to wear a mask if they so choose.  In accordance with the current guidance, anyone who develops and/or presents with symptoms of COVID-19 while in LCCTC facilities must wear a mask and subsequently leave LCCTC facilities.  Individuals should self-screen for COVID symptoms before coming to the school and stay home if they have symptoms.

The LCCTC’s Joint Advisory Committee also approved a revised Health and Safety Plan on June 24 that details the measures that the CTC will undertake to conduct classes now and into the fall, including:

  • Students and staff are encouraged to remain vigilant with self-screening and report symptoms or exposure to the school.
  • Students or staff who are diagnosed by a medical provider with COVID-19 will be excluded from school until they meet the appropriate return-to-school guidelines.
  • Regular and routine cleaning and sanitation will occur on a daily basis to ensure that common areas are clean and sanitized for use.

The revised Health and Safety Plan contains many further details on continuity of services, social and emotional services, physical distancing, contract tracing and more.  The full, revised plan can be viewed on the CTC COVID information webpage:

We must remember that this is only a local phase in a continuing global pandemic.  We should still adhere to common sense measures that are proven to reduce infection transmission including hand washing, covering coughs, and staying at home if showing symptoms of infection.  We are showing progress through the pandemic as a county, state, and country.  Let’s keep up our efforts to stay healthy.

Thank you and be safe.

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