LCCTC Supports Health Agencies & School Districts During Shutdown

May 12, 2020
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Times of shared calamity, like the current Coronavirus pandemic, can also permit instances of shared community arise.  Countless acts of selflessness and charity are being committed everyday across the country.  In our own small and humble ways, the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center is lending a hand.

Todd J. Kirkpatrick, Director of the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center accepts the donation from the LCCTC on behalf of the Lancaster Emergency Management Agency.

During one of his addresses to the country early in the PA shutdown, President Trump called on construction companies to identity, gather, and donate desperately needed N95 masks and related personal protective equipment to local healthcare and first responder agencies.  Acting on that call, the LCCTC staff collected nearly 400 N95 respirator masks and 5000 sets of exam gloves from CTC stores and donated them to Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency.  N95 masks are used routinely by emergency personnel and is considered a fundamental piece of personal protective equipment.

With the abruptness of the shutdown in March, the LCCTC’s own pantries remained stocked with food that would eventually go bad and become useless to anyone.  Early in the shutdown, the CTC donated dairy products, fresh and dried fruit, and other snacks to the Water Street Rescue Mission.

Other foodstuffs was donated to Lancaster County public school districts including Warwick, Donegal, Penn Manor, and Lampeter Strasburg.  One of the most overt and laudable charitable projects that many school districts across the country are shouldering is to maintain a reliable food source for students in need.  For some students, a public school breakfast or lunch may be the only source of food for the day.  It was clear to educators that keeping that source of nourishment for students and families was vital in these extraordinary times.

Picking up the food donation for the Lampeter Strasburg School District.

Cheryl Schmidt, Director of Food Services from Lampeter Strasburg School District, explained that her staff and other district staff and volunteers were busy packing lunches and breakfasts in bags to give to their students.

“With many more days to go in our handouts, the much-needed, donated supplies will all be used for the student meals.  Again, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the much needed donations!” Director Schmidt said.

Kelly Price, Director of Food Services from Donegal School District echoed those comments saying that Donegal was distributing food on Mondays and Wednesdays.

She said, “We really appreciate the teamwork and putting this all together to avoid food being wasted.  We were able to get out to the community quickly.”  She added that unofficial numbers showed that Donegal has distributed over 40,000 meals through April since the start of the shutdown.

The LCCTC staff and administration is happy that our donations lent aid to these worthy endeavors.  We hope that our donation joins many others and helps to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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