LCCTC Sells Home Built by Students


On Friday, July 15, 2022 the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center sold a single-family home, built by their students, in Mount Joy, PA. The house sold for $415,900 after taking a few years to complete due to some setbacks from COVID-19. The house was a group project, completed by students in the senior Construction, Painting and Interior Finishes, Carpentry, Electrical, Cabinetry, Plumbing, HVAC, Architectural CAD and Heavy Equipment programs.

The three bedroom, two and a half bath, single-family home is located on a 2,000 sq. ft. subdivision of the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center’s Mount Joy Campus. The house is entirely built and constructed by the students, with subcontractors only stepping in to handle a few aspects such as laying the foundation and insulation.

LCCTC has had students building houses for decades. In the future, LCCTC plans to continue subdividing the surrounding land and have two houses under construction each year- one that students are finishing and one that students are just starting. This allows students to experience the entire process of building a house from start to finish.

Richard Martin, LCCTC’s Construction Coordinator, manages the project. He’s in his sixth year at Lancaster County CTC and worked as a homebuilder prior to joining the organization. Martin takes care of organizing the plans, specifications, purchasing materials and scheduling subcontractors. Martin’s work in the background allows the instructors to have more time with students which ensures that students receive more hands-on experience.

Martin spoke to the positive impact that the project has on students. “This project is the highlight of their year. These kids are here because they want to be working with their hands; that’s what they’re excited about and this project gives them that opportunity,” said Martin.

Martin also noted that the project benefits the community by supporting the industries that LCCTC is preparing students for. “A strong industry means more available jobs for individuals within the community. We’re making sure students are leaving here with skills that employers are looking for.”



I see this as our future, applied learning in a community environment, a continuum. Providing students with real life experience while learning technical skills. It’s rethinking the tried and true skills training of the past – apprenticeships, internships.


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